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Hi guys!
So let me just warn you first: Get ready for a BUNCH of pictures in this post. I apologize already but I haven’t posted for a long time and I want to share some moments with you. As you guys probably also feel: 2020 has been weird.. very different.. and a lot has happened already in the world. Beside educating myself and being more aware of what is going on in the world I did collect some memories and tried to embrace life I guess. I don’t want to take all the things I have in life for granted.
I thought I would just share with you guys what I’ve been up to lately. The last few months.

So work has in general been a huge part of my life. I really want to be good at what I’m doing so a lot of my time I do spend working in my weekday and sometimes in my weekends too. But I am trying to work on getting a more healthy work-life-balance.

Lately I’ve been going for a lot of walks.. just enjoying nature.. and it has been one of the best things in my life lately. I kinda found peace within myself by just being in nature and enjoying nature. It feels like meditation and I love it. It makes me feel at peace and I feel so grateful for being alive.

I haven’t been that good at keeping up with my friendships as I should. Luckily I do have friends who gets it and respects it which I’m really grateful for. I get caught up in life and then when I feel stressed or you know when life happens, I just step back and decide to take some time alone. Lately I think it was because of the Corona, but I’ve found a better balance of taking time for myself and also to spend time with my friends and show them that I appreciate them (still working on it though). It is a challenge when most of us live far away from each other and we all have our own lives, jobs, families and some have kids so it can be tricky but if we all make an afford, it is still possible to find time for each other. I still sometimes have my moments where I need space and need to be alone. I guess that’s just who I am as a person, but I’m doing better at finding the balance I think. But the main thing is I love my friends and family and I really want to spend time with them and make an afford and show them that I do appreciate them and that I care. I also do try to do the same with my family. I for example go for walks with my mom when I’m home and I try to call and keeping my family posted about what I’m up to and I catch up with them all most everyday. I’m also trying to visit them at least twice a month. Lately I’ve been at my parents place more than two times a month actually, but you know it can be expensive in the long run and I also have to make a life for myself here in Copenhagen. I really want to start to church choir again for example and some sort of sports I guess and also have a healthier life and spend some of my weekends cooking and reading books at times. But yeah I’m working on it :) <3
Now let me show you my life in pictures:


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