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Today’s look:


Well this was my look the other day and I thought I would share the products I’ve been using lately with you guys! ^_^ so lets get started! ^_^

Foundation Routine Products: Sephora Concealer & Mac Stuido Fix

There’s no doubt that I’ve been loving these two makeup products! The sephora concealer is really perfect and it stays on the whole day (Remember primer though!) :-P The foundation is perfect. It’s actually a mix between foundation and powder. Something in between! I can’t really figure out if I should use a brighter color foundation or not since my face most of the time looks darker than my neck when I’m wearing foundation. So I’m thinking of trying a brighter one. I haven’t tried it yet cause I dont wanna spend my money on a brighter foundation if it’s too light: I prefer darker foundation than too light of a foundation for my skintone ^_^


Bronzer & Blush from Loreal and MAC: 

Omg! These two makeup products are lifesavers! There are days where I’m just not happy with my foundation routine, but this Loreal Bronzer and Blush from MAC save the look! xD Love love! <3


My Eyebrow kit from Wet n Wild: 

I’m not a huge fan of drawing my eyebrows since I already have thick eyebrows and I dont really feel like I can work it like the other girls xD. It tends to look too thick when I fill them in but that didn’t really stop me from trying it out from time to time :-P I just try to work it anyways at time ;-) There are girls who can work it much better than me though! xD It’s like it doesn’t suit my face ^_^ Anyways whenever I decide to fill in my brown I use the Eyebrow kit from Wet n Wild. And I love it!


EyeMakeUp: Too Faced Eyeshadow Pallette, H&M Eyeliner, Elizabeth Arden Mascara

For my eyeshadow I use the eyeshadow pallette from Too faced which I’m in LOVE with! The colors fits my skintone very well! (Review will be up soon!). I’ve used an eyeliner from H&M and it is good: cheap and easy to draw with and it stays for a long time. I’m not sure if it stays all day long though, so I can’t tell ;-)

My Elizabeth Arden Mascara has become one of my new favorit mascaras! It lengthen my lashes a lot but yet still it looks natural.! It is not clumsy at all and I dont have to try hard to not make it look clumsy! It’s so amazing! Love love! Very easy to use!



For the lips: All time fave: Kate Moss Lipstick from Rimmel and Loreal Lip Liner

I actually didn’t believe that lipliner would make your lipstick stay longer but it’s very true -_- Or for me it is. I’m using a lipliner from loreal which stays all day! And then my all time favorit lipstick from Kate Moss! Love the color!




More shots of my look:






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