Life is to be enjoyed, not endured

Hi guys!

We went to a quick trip to Copenhagen some days ago and of course we had to go to Tivoli..! ^_^ I didn’t get a lot of photos because we were busy doing the rides, so this is kinda what I got! :) The trip was awesome and felt like a getaway again from the everyday routine which I guess is very healthy to do once in a while!

 photo SAM_3255_zpsnf8vkojc.jpg
 photo SAM_3262_zpsivq9vd3u.jpg
 photo SAM_3264_zpsfi5shpqg.jpg
 photo SAM_3268_zpsdnnnopx2.jpg
 photo SAM_3271_zpsl2quaaeq.jpg
 photo SAM_3275_zpspuuz5us7.jpg
 photo SAM_3277_zpsicvrow4o.jpg
 photo SAM_3281_zpsyt3sswup.jpg
 photo SAM_3288_zpsllwpvj4m.jpg
 photo SAM_3291_zpskmci7f5k.jpg
 photo SAM_3293_zpsxychy2ys.jpg
 photo SAM_3303_zpsemfazxox.jpg
 photo SAM_3306_zps7jvdhvgu.jpg
 photo SAM_3345_zps81prq9oo.jpg
 photo SAM_3346_zpssjjuym1c.jpg
 photo SAM_3349_zpsacuijirh.jpg
 photo SAM_3355_zpsh5ymkpiz.jpg
 photo SAM_3366_zpstzj2f9ga.jpg
 photo SAM_3370_zps0fi50tgj.jpg
 photo SAM_3379_zpsbmdajwxb.jpg

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