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Hello guys! 
I was on vacation with my family last week and I did share some photos on Instagram but I didn’t get to blog while I was there since I forgot my adapter for my computer -.-‘ *sorry*. But now on the bright side: I have a bunch of updates for you guys now! We went to Rome for a week to celebrate my dad’s birthday which was awesome btw! I’m gonna start with day two where we went to Colosseum. Nothing big happened on day one since we came at night, so I dont have much to share about day one ;) 
But yeah, we went to the Colosseum on day two. I’ve never been to Rome before so this was quite exciting and I’ve gotta say I mean I’ve heard of Colosseum and all but gosh it is big and being their and observing Colosseum was a unique experience. I was really amazed about Rome in general and the Colosseum is definitely one of the reasons why. 

 photo IMG_8446_zpsrhjxzp7l.jpg
 photo IMG_8448_zpsgfufevvs.jpg
 photo IMG_8449_zpsdnchauzq.jpg
 photo IMG_8462_zpslyekwbpb.jpg
 photo IMG_8490_zpsed7gesfm.jpg
 photo IMG_8511_zpskpzqozbq.jpg
 photo IMG_8512_zpstx2docss.jpg
 photo IMG_8535_zpsa5elee32.jpg
 photo IMG_8538_zpsiby82mbf.jpg
 photo IMG_8541_zpsglkwfhdz.jpg
 photo IMG_8600_zpsfnv3ssyz.jpg
I’ve got a bunch of other posts from Rome too which will be up throughout the next few days or the next week ;) I’m back at my own place now and I am back at work too. The next three weeks will be work from 9 am to 16 pm and then blogging and youtubing and chilling with friends. In the weekends I’ll probably be at my parents’s place ^_^ I do have a few other plans for the summer holiday too beside work but I’ll update you guys about that later! ;) This is it for now! Take Care <3 

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