To leave out beautiful sunsets is the secret of good taste

Hello guys!
The summer vacation is over but I’m still not done posting about our Malta trip (sorry). I’ve been busy with work and starting uni again but both Delany and I are trying to find a much better structure for the blog! ^_^ Today I wanted to share some sunset pictures with you guys. I’m no photographer so I’m just fooling around and trying my best so they could probably have been much better but I got to take some photos of the sunset in Gozo. That view though! It was so beautiful, peaceful and amazing. 
I loved it! I had a hard time capturing it thought  but I tried ^_^” 
 photo IMG_1731_zpsejkwyxe3.jpg
 photo IMG_1723_zpspacbypz3.jpg
 photo IMG_1736_zpsnruqoa7j.jpg
 photo IMG_1763_zpsisder5xy.jpg
 photo IMG_1773_zpsagpyqbvh.jpg
 photo IMG_1786_zpslygidptm.jpg
 photo IMG_1788_zpsrokkpyoe.jpg
 photo IMG_1802_zpsch2zzvdu.jpg
 photo IMG_1806_zpsykl3mkac.jpg
 photo IMG_1811_zpssfqm6ryb.jpg
 photo IMG_1814_zpsnrm4lsrw.jpg
 photo IMG_1818_zpshmisz6gg.jpg

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