La Triennale Di Milano

Hello guys!
Beside going to a science technology museum we also went to an art museum. This was a lot more me. I felt very inspired of all the different art they had in the museum. They had a lot of variety from paintings, photography, technology and much more. I loved it! It was very inspiring. 

 photo IMG_0689_zpssb4ub3tw.jpg
 photo IMG_0556_zps3nltban9.jpg
 photo IMG_0560_zpslwlqqlla.jpg
 photo IMG_0569_zpsu66gbany.jpg
 photo IMG_0581_zpsrfcl17zf.jpg
 photo IMG_0596_zps1utyitdb.jpg
 photo IMG_0607_zpsq5hhgbuk.jpg
 photo IMG_0608_zpsv0yg2b3h.jpg
 photo IMG_0609_zpsagdhzhet.jpg
 photo IMG_0616_zpsrad3a0qe.jpg
 photo IMG_0624_zpsckflyuaq.jpg
 photo IMG_0628_zpskzkdcx6c.jpg
 photo IMG_0650_zpsxtzpxcmj.jpg
 photo IMG_0661_zps6bmn5qlq.jpg
 photo IMG_0665_zpsecvw2vpg.jpg

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