J’aime le chocolat

I love hot chocolate! And I’m probably not the only one who loves it. Which is why I thought I would do some research on WHY it is GOOD to drink hot chocolate; You know just to get some random knowledge :-P You should drink hot chocolate because…

  1. It boosts your mood
  2. It improves your memory
  3. It can actually help you loose weight since it’s a low calorie drink
  4. They say hot chocolate can help you think better
  5. It decreases the risk of heart diseases: With that said do not drink  more than two cup of chocolate a day because chocolate holds sugar too.
  6. It can improve blood flow and lower your blood pressure
  7. It contains a large amount of antioxidants which strengthens your health

But remember guys it does have disadvantages too so do not drink too much daily: For instance it depends on how much sugar and fat your hot chocolate contains! :)

WeHeartIt - Benefit of hot chocolate


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