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Hello everyone <3

Since I’ve been posting a lot about Barcelona lately I thought it was time for some beauty related posts ^_^ So I wanted to share my usual basic makeup products I use when I dont have enough time to do too much about my makeup look or when I just feel lazy but still want to wear some makeup ^_^ So this look is My Quick Basic MakeUp Look!

One of my favorite mascara:


This one gives so much volume to my lashes! So it’s definetly one of my go-to!



This lipgloss is a new one I’m trying out! It says it moisturizes and hydrates your lips well so I wanted to try it out. It smells like coconut which is not my favorite smell when it comes to lipgloss and the gloss is too sticky, so I haven’t got used to it and I’m still trying to like it :-P The shine it gives though! it’s really beautiful and natural!



Omg! Love love love! I got this from Delany! And it gives your skin a beautiful flawless shine. Just be careful that you don’t put too much on your face.! -_- *Yeah lesson learned*



This Mac blush is so beautiful! I love wearing it! It gives my skin some more edge but again I have to be careful about how much I wear to keep it simple.


This blush, bronzer and highlighter from Sephora is a new one I’ve been trying out and it’s lovely! The bronze does look like too much at times but I think it’s because I need another makeup brush for this bronzer to blend it. But the palette itself is good to have! Love love!

And of course my studio fix MAC powder. It’s a mix between powder and foundation. I love it. And when I feel too lazy I just wear the powder without any foundation or concealer :) It works for me!


My Look:







My hair is kinda messy :-P But I told you guys… This was one of my lazy days sooooo you gotta live with it :-P

That’s it for today! New beauty posts will be up very soon!

Take Care! <3 ^_^




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