I tried to make donuts #fail

Hello guys!
A few weeks ago I tried to make donuts with my mom and it kinda failed and I did not know if I wanted to post this or not. But then I thought I should probably as a blogger show both random content, fail content and some ok quality content. This is like my open diary where I just share whatever actually and I love random posts on the blog since I feel it kinda makes the blog a little personal. So here we go. I’ve been craving some donuts for the longest time and this is weird but: some years ago McD had some chocolate donuts and I still think those are the BEST donuts I’ve ever tasted XD Many of you might not agree with me on this IF you have tasted the donuts I’m talking about but my sister and I LOOOOVE them. Maybe it has something to do with us having McD donuts as kids together or something.. I dont know. But as far as I remember they were delicious and I can’t find those kind of donuts anywhere. So I decided I might as well try to make donuts myself. This was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. But I tried and you know what they say: The most important thing is you try (or something like that) so I tried and I failed. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to try to make donuts again in my life. I might. But let me show you my failed donuts: (Seriously guys, I have no idea how people make those beautiful donuts on pinterest and instagram…)


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