I took a short break

Hello guys!
I decided for about over a week ago to take a short break from blogging and youtube. I kinda cancelled Vlogmas and stopped updating the blog. I was too stressed and not enjoying the whole Vlogmas thing as I thought I would. The thing is I work from 9 to 17 and then I’m home at about 18 and sometimes later if I work some extra hours. When I get home I eat dinner and then I start editing videos for the day and nothing much is happening and I felt like the content of the videos were boring. And when I don’t like the content, it’s not fun to edit and upload the videos.

Another thing is that my priority at the moment is to do good at my job and to become a better me and be more mindfull and find peace and happiness in life. I didn’t feel like I could work on that if I had to shoot, edit and upload videos everyday and update the blog just for the sake of doing it. So I just stopped. I do blog and youtube cause it makes me happy and excited and I want to make sure that it feels like that still, so I stopped and had to step back to reevaluate the whole blogging and youtube.
Don’t get me wrong: I LOOOOOVE youtube and blogging! I love everything about it! But I’m changing (aren’t we all..) and I dont find happiness in the same things as I did for about 10 years ago for example. I’m not talking about blogging and youtube but more about the content I’m making. I loved sharing beauty/makeup stuff, fashion stuff and food :P not recipes but just what I was eating :P I still love those things but there are other things I feel like is more important for me in life at the moment. Such as being mindful, finding peace, having a healthier lifestyle, meditation, yoga, working out, my finances, my career, reading books, my mental health and my physical health and so much more.. the list could go on.. I think what I’m saying is that I needed to take a break to reflect on the content I’m making. I’m thinking of changing it up a bit. Less beauty, makeup, more skincare. More healthy lifestyle, mindfullness, peace, happiness, positivity, mental health -related stuff in a more personal way.
I’m still not 100 % sure exactly what and how I’m going to change things up but I have a few ideas of what and how. I’m just taking my time to figure this out but I wanted to give you guys an update.
I already do have some beauty-related posts that will be up after this post, just so you know and again it’s not that I’m not going to talk about makeup at all, but there are just other things I would love to share more of as well.


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