How To Work From Home

Hello guys!
So I know a lot of you (including me) are working from home at the moment so I thought I would share Work From Home Tips with you guys that I try my best to follow everyday. There are days where I’m more disciplined than other days of course but here we go:

A Healthy Morning Routine

So the first important step for me is to have a healthy good morning routine. It’s so important to start off your day right. It is way more motivating and it gives you so much more energy when you start off your day well. As for my morning routine I do the following:

  • Get some fresh air: Open the windows, doors etc.
  • I start my day with hot lemon water
  • Journal: Write 3 things you are grateful for and then just write down all your thoughts and goals for the day
  • Do some stretches, yoga or even workout if you have the time. I just do 5-10 minutes stretches and yoga at the moment.
  • Meditation: I currently use the app Insight Timer
  • Cleaning: Just 10 minutes of cleaning
  • Breakfast (I dont always get my breakfast, but I’m working on it!)
  • Get ready: which takes me to my next tip:

Get Ready!

So I dont do a full glam look everyday when staying at home. I do have days where I dress up and put on some makeup to make myself feel good. It does make me more productive during the day. But I do try to find the balance: I prefer giving my skin a break from all the makeup, so I try to look put together in a more relaxed way. I dont really wear makeup everyday, but there are days where I feel like it. I wear something that looks put together but still relaxed: big hoodies, sweaters, jeans, leggings and dresses as well. I try to find something in between: Looking put together but still relaxed. The point is guys: you’ll feel more motivated to be productive and get things done when you look somehow put together and make an afford to look presentable no matter if you are going out or just staying in :P


Create a workspace where you can focus on only work and try to only work from there. This means you can get a proper break when you are done working and want to relax and do something else. Also make sure that your workspace is clean. Put away all the unnecessary stuff and only have the things you need. Less distractions will make you more productive. With that said: I some times try to put my phone away in another room or just away from my workspace. I dont do this everyday but I do it at times and it definitely helps me focus more.

Have a plan!

So the first week of working at home was kind of a mess. I was working all day from morning to night and then it was time to sleep. I quickly realized that this is not going to work in the long term. So this week I’ve decided to have a plan. I have 1-2 work goals/tasks that I want to achieve, and I’ll do my best to do them and then that’s it. I also try to just stick to being effective 8 hours and then shut everything down but sometimes I feel motivated to work an hour or two extra though :P Anyways: set goals for the day and have a plan! You will stay more focused and be more effective as well!

Reward yourself

Make sure to reward yourself after you’ve achieved your goals/to-dos for the day! Watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk, eat something delicious and enjoy life. Be grateful for all the things you have and give yourself time to relax! My reward is working on the blog and youtube: I love it and it makes me happy so that’s what I do. I also watch series or movies or read a book after work to relax. And then I’ll make sure to eat something delicious as well!

That’s it for today guys. Take Care <3


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