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Hello Guys!

We all have different ways to edit and use our photos on instagram and I thought it would be interesting to share with you guys how I like to do my photos on instagram. It’s not a total step by step “tutorial/guide” for how I do, but a few points I typically prefer at insta and then I’ll show you the results as well!

  1. My most used filter at Instagram lately is Gingham with the opacity at 50 %. Sometimes I do prefer no filter and just edit the photos on Instagram by myself too. It depends on the photo.
  2. If it is a “selfie” then I wont play too much with the brightness, but if it is food or just anything else; Then I love the pictures to look as bright as possible.
  3. I love love love sharpening the photos a little extra. (About 30)
  4. I love when the photos have some extra color, so I do use saturation on almost all of my pictures, but again not too much.
  5. I also tend to play with the shadow to about -20 to -40
  6. And then I actually used to love using the “fading” or “tone down” effect as well, but I’m kind of getting a little bit tired of that look. I prefer the pictures to be bright, sharpen and colorful at the moment.
  7. I don’t use other apps for the editing my photos than Instagram lately. BUT I have used the apps Afterlight (they have amazing filters btw!) and also PhotoWonder earlier. They are both amazing!
  8. To do my “collages” and “videos” I use the app “Photogrid”

I hope these tips and tricks can inspire you guys to experiment a little bit more with your instagram account! :) Now let me show you some before and after:

 photo 2016-02-05 14.25.14-1_zpstsv5ibzr.jpg
 photo 2016-02-05 14.25.14_zpstxp2cawi.jpg
 photo 2016-03-03 22.32.03_zpst3ue8ac0.jpg
 photo 2016-03-03 22.42.56_zpsdd18cqpa.jpg
 photo 2016-03-03 22.31.57_zps0hmuspow.jpg
 photo 2016-03-03 22.40.56_zpshvdy8rmt.jpg

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  1. Asta`
    March 5, 2016 / 18:50

    Your Instagram looks so good! And by the way love your blog! Following you now :)

    Asta, xx |

    • mycafe101
      March 7, 2016 / 07:03

      Thank you so much Asta :)

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