Home Sweet Home (+Beauty Look)

Merry Christmas Everyone!! <3 ^_^

I’m finally back home at my parent’s place and I’m telling you.. I’m enjoying it to the fullest! Mom’s food, dad’s random advice, mom yelling about me not cleaning up, dad trying to make me understand “life” (equals studying hard is everything!).. Everything is kinda like it used to be… and it is good! XD <3

I gotta admit the christmas spirit hasn’t been the same this year though. I’ve been stressed out with life, work and my study and now with the exams coming up; I haven’t really enjoyed december the way I used to and the way I wanted to. I have actually been disappointed with my christmas this year.. So I had to change that and get myself into christmas spirit! Since I’m rarely home my room is so empty and boring, so I started off cleaning up my room and decorating it a little bit or just making the room look a little different with some few christmas details a few places. This just made my day! I got in such a good mood and now I’m motivated to study for the exams while enjoying my christmas and the last days of 2015! :D

 photo IMG_5740_zpslpqa6pen.jpg
 photo IMG_5747_zps273gcugf.jpg
 photo IMG_5752_zpsribrakcm.jpg
 photo IMG_5757_zpsvtd7ngzx.jpg
 photo IMG_5760_zpsibdw8k7d.jpg
 photo IMG_5761_zpsxatrrmwi.jpg
 photo IMG_5770_zps4x8uo6vn.jpg
 photo IMG_5772_zpspxubz9oo.jpg
 photo IMG_5778_zpsto2r3lf2.jpg
 photo IMG_5782_zpstn5nrguj.jpg
 photo IMG_5789_zpse9rhyltn.jpg
 photo IMG_5798_zpsfea7ybh4.jpg
 photo IMG_5802_zpscwtoyls9.jpg
 photo IMG_5807_zps7frmvcny.jpg
 photo IMG_5883_zpsiwzvhekm.jpg
 photo IMG_5888_zps6qsisqj1.jpg
I also do have a beauty look to show you guys ^_^ After decorating, Thannu’s family came by since they are going to UK for christmas, so we decided to celebrate christmas a little earlier than usual: 

 photo IMG_5856_zps6vwahgws.jpg
 photo IMG_5851_zpsldjvlchf.jpg
 photo IMG_5859_zpsessmmash.jpg
 photo IMG_5842_zps9eigv7d5.jpg
 photo IMG_5846_zpsjzv5jwxd.jpg
 photo IMG_5850_zps1zzopxuv.jpg

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