Hindsgavl Slot

Hello guys! 
So this is quite some time ago but I wanted to wait to post it till now :) Some weeks ago my friends and I went to Hindsgavl Slot just to chill, go for a walk and see the place. The weather was perfect for this and it is such a beautiful place to just hang out and relax.
 photo IMG_6346_zpsk8ziedbg.jpg
 photo IMG_6356_zps9twcewcd.jpg
 photo IMG_6366_zpsubqsqgoj.jpg
 photo IMG_6367_zpsn3dmwzpg.jpg
 photo IMG_6371_zpsrubbmd1b.jpg
 photo IMG_6374_zpsihnab4kd.jpg
 photo IMG_6391_zpsilkee857.jpg
 photo IMG_6392_zps95ijx4dc.jpg
 photo IMG_6396_zps62ggsbe8.jpg
 photo IMG_6405_zpssm4twj43.jpg
 photo IMG_6406_zpssmwkuema.jpg
 photo IMG_6412_zpsl2uphte6.jpg
 photo IMG_6419_zpsvudueuqv.jpg
 photo IMG_6422_zps6mgyfy0l.jpg
 photo IMG_6423_zpsjhkpkik0.jpg

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