Hello September!

Hello guys!

So the vacation is over and I’m back at college studying. Did I miss uni? No of course not -.-‘ But at the same time, I’m surprised I’m saying this but: I’m kind of looking forward for this new semester and I feel a lot more motivated than ever. I’m not sure if I’m headed the right direction speaking of education, work and carrier. I’m studying now but I’m not 100 % certain about what I want to do in life so I’m taking it one day at a time and trying my best with my education, study-job, blog and youtube.

Anyways I’m back at uni and since I wanna be as productive as I can in life I thought I would do a monthly “goal post”. So today I’m gonna share my September Goals with you guys:

1. Eat healthier

2. Start working out again

3. Stick to my to-do lists and schedule (Not getting too much distracted)

4. Getting a good headstart at uni

5. Update the blog and youtube regularly >> Find a better proper structure

6. Declutter in makeup, clothes and apartment stuff

7. Live on a budget. Save money for christmas

So these would be my goals for September. I just want a more structured and healthier lifestyle and I also wanna make sure to save money so that I can spend a lot in December :P



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