Hello October

Hello Everyone!

September is already over and that means that it’s actually one month since school started?! -_- AND it means that in about 3 months I have to be prepared for the exams?! X_x (I’m so dead!)
September has been good! I’ve been as productive as I could and my best friends got married and I’ve been hanging around with friends and then there is uni :-P So it’s all good.! Get ready for a BUNCH of photos! Let me show you how it has been:

Chill day with GreenTea and PJ:
 photo 2015-10-06 10.32.48_zpsyiaale9t.jpg
Eating out with a friend:
 photo 2015-10-06 10.34.11_zpsnxfl8khm.jpg
 photo 2015-09-25 17.38.08_zpsldvbmkha.jpg
Eating at a friend’s place:
 photo 2015-10-06 10.36.11_zps1e0kc94u.jpg
 photo 2015-10-06 10.32.17_zpsrkouynit.jpg
Hanging out with friends yet again:
 photo 2015-10-06 10.29.06_zpsn7celdwt.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.25.46_zpstuyprgvo.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.26.30_zpsjls6zagt.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.27.18_zpssprco9qs.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.24.31_zps1lbs5cwe.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.27.58_zpsylkpu5vh.jpg


 photo 2015-10-02 21.03.10-1_zpsscql2mvt.jpg
 photo 2015-10-02 15.20.55_zpsyt9ux3xu.jpg
 photo 2015-10-02 18.07.08_zps9v9estwc.jpg
Finally having some quality time with mom after a long time:
 photo 2015-10-06 10.21.45_zpslhjttrvi.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.19.36_zps9fjok6zj.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.20.33_zpszled9cly.jpg
 photo 2015-10-03 13.31.06_zpskdrcttzk.jpg
Random breakfast and watching friends:
 photo 2015-10-06 10.22.48_zpsoyw0kuna.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.23.31_zpscgz2layi.jpg
Selfie of course:
 photo 2015-10-06 10.18.40_zpsu4e2bngh.jpg
Chilling with a friend and doing some blogging stuff:

 photo 2015-10-06 10.17.10_zpsfushippe.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.16.25_zpsdo6qsxdw.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.15.54_zpsijcuhi5s.jpg

 photo 2015-10-06 10.15.10_zpsbaewztwv.jpg
 photo 2015-10-05 15.35.10-1_zps4ustdmeb.jpg
 photo 2015-10-04 23.07.45_zpsq41f9uf1.jpg
 photo 2015-10-04 19.25.34-1_zpsv2viomgf.jpg

At work with a friend:
 photo 2015-10-01 17.42.28_zpstewgk53k.png

 photo 2015-10-01 14.20.19_zpstm7xmw0e.png


Morning stuff, Blogging work, Mcd & Snapchat:
 photo 2015-09-26 09.29.24_zpsvhe1ps6r.jpg

 photo 2015-09-26 15.23.13_zpsmj6jo23m.jpg

 photo 2015-09-24 21.30.22_zpsju65dpcm.png

 photo 2015-09-24 21.30.17_zpsxft49j3j.png

 photo 2015-09-25 18.18.56_zpsyhmasrv4.png

Selfie Stuff: My Look

 photo 2015-10-02 15.09.27_zps308kuaau.jpg

 photo 2015-10-02 15.08.52_zpsqvxxp0zl.jpg
 photo 2015-10-02 15.08.48_zpsdzsdf63p.jpg
 photo 2015-10-02 15.08.42_zpsolewny2n.jpg


 photo 2015-10-02 15.08.32_zpsy2llpflu.jpg

 photo 2015-10-02 15.08.19_zpsmuujkjnf.jpg


Cosy day in PJ:
 photo 2015-09-27 19.52.06_zpsnpolhjaq.jpg
 photo 2015-09-25 10.55.27_zpsnsqjaru5.jpg

Aaaaand that’s it guys! Hope you’re all doing good! Take Care <3 Mwah <3 
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