Hello May

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Hello guys!

So we are in May. One of the most stressfull months when studying. June is worse but May is where all the deadlines are coming and we all realize that exams are coming up very soon and we live with regrets of not taking ourselves together earlier this semester -.- (happens every semester -.-)

But of course we’ll all make the best of the months even though exams are coming up and some days you might feel like not want to live because the stress is too much but let’s try to motivate each other (I’m not helping, I know)  :P

I can slightly feel the stress of the deadlines but I’m actually pretty good. I study a lot and I give myself time to chill at the same time and I’m trying to find the perfect balance. There are days where it’s really good and days where I’m either studying too much and feeling stressed or not studying at all cause of laziness. Both happens.

This month will be mostly focused on exams and unilife. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna update the blog or youtube. I might stay a little away from social medias like Instagram cause it does take a lot of my time but we will see.

I have 5 reports to hand in this month and one presentation. I already have my first exam 1st of June so this means I have to finish everything off one week ahead so I can prepare for my very first exam this semester. This means: STRESS -.- I’m trying not to panic already since that won’t help anyways so I’ve planned to finish off two reports next week and another two reports the week after and then I have one week left for preparing for the exam. I have already pre-recorded for next month so I will do my best to post one video a week and I will keep you guys updated on the blog as well. I do have a few blogposts ready as well, so I dont think the exam period will affect the blog and youtube this month. I don’t know about next month yet but I’ll do my best to update the blog and youtube while studying :)

This month’s goal is pretty simple: I want to study my ass off and hand in some good reports and I want to prepare for my exams and do my best. Also I want to workout 3-4 times a week and eat healthy. The last goal is to update the blog 2-3 times a week and upload one video per week. Btw! I’m also working on waking up early and sleeping early as well so that’s also a goal for this month!

Anyways guys, I hope you’re all good.! I’m gonna go back to studying now! See ya & Take Care <3


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