Hello from Tanzania #lifeupdate

Hi guys!
I thought I would do a lifeupdate post today since I have something exciting to share with you guys than my usual posts :P
As you can tell from the title I’m in Tanzania right now. It’s actually a study trip. I’m here because of my thesis where I have to do several interviews and userstudies. I’m looking forward to get started!
I came here last Friday, and today (Monday) is our first working day. From tomorrow we have scheduled some interviews so we are going to prepare for them a last time today, so we are sure I’ve covered the most important things I need to know for my project.
Tanzania is definitely different from Denmark. I have been to Africa before: my sister and I went to Botswana one summer. So it’s not that everything is all new, but oh gosh the weather is different here! It’s so hoooot! XD
Also the nature is a lot different and beautiful over here. Love it! Anyways I’ll try to see if I can update you guys throughout the next few days or else I’ll do that when I get back to DK.
Take care! <3


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