Hello April & Hello New LifeStyle

I got some confessions to make to myself -_-‘ (This is going to be a very long post you guys xP)

The last few months have been awesome but I haven’t had any structure or plan. And I DID mention that I need a plan in one of my latest posts too… And since a new month is beginning I thought this is the perfect time to talk about motivation and get a lifestyle change! :D (Oh yeah xP)

Now to my “confessions”: Well… I’m not totally healthy and all that at all and I don’t do exercise that often other than when I’m cleaning, walking to school or when I go shopping. Another confession is that I don’t do all my to-do’s. I mean I’m really good at making a to-do-list but I’m less good to finish everything off my lists like I want to -_-  with that said… I think it’s time for that to change!!! :D I need a healthy lifestyle… mostly because I need more energy, more focus, need to be more happy and positive and just more active and then I really wanna live good as long as I can, so I won’t come to a point where I have to tighten my eating habits too much or something like that (cause I can’t live like that). I can’t really change my looove for food and I haven’t thought about changing that either xD haha! I don’t like putting too many rules about what I wanna eat or what I shouldn’t eat, cause honestly food makes my days so much better :P (Yeah life of a uni student u know -_-) hehe. I do have a few restrictions though: Eat a lot of fruits and veggies AND drink a lot of water! :D

Other than that no McD, eating out and junk food like that. But to be honest THIS is mostly because of my economy beside the “being healthy-part”. And otherwise there’s another story to this rule actually… I have been so addicted to McD especially after moving out cause it’s cheap and tastes so good and it’s right beside where I live -_-! So… I made this bet with two friends: The person who can’t stay away from McD, eating out and junk food the longest have to take the other person out for lunch or dinner! Well the punishment isn’t that BAD but none of us wanna loose to each other, so THAT is helping me to keep on going.!! XD And since I made this deal I have actually saved up a lot of money :D  That is the EATING part. I don’t have rules about not eating chocolates and candy or soda. Of course soda everyday is very bad, so that I won’t do, but if I feel like drinking a coke once in a while or something, I think it’s totally ok :P (I love coke btw). The rules are only not eating junk food or eating out in general. So to sum up my eating habit “rules”:

  • Eat a lot of fruits and veggies
  • Drink a lot of water
  • No eating out, junk food (especially McD)
  • Excercise:

Guess what… I just started to FITNESS! Oh yeah! And it feels really good.! I haven’t started on “strength training” yet. Right now I’m just doing cardio and stretching. I do cardio for about one hour just because there are too many songs I wanna listen to, and the best way to listen to music is definitely while doing cardio xD I do need to start on some strength training since my muscles are a little too weak (the doctor did mention this once for some years ago but I never did anything about it until now -_-). So I have to work on a more specific workout plan, but right now I wanna experiment and try out different workouts at first ;)

Ok. So that was the “being healthy part”. The second part is being more productive. I’m so good at making to-do’s, plans and stuff but I have to be as good to DO the things that’s on my list -_-‘ And on this part, I would love to give myself some more specific “rules”. Some of the musts in my daily schedule:

  • Make a to-do every night before going to bed
  • Clean the apartment before going to bed
  • Economy check everyday
  • Fitness

Other than this.. I have class from 8-12, then I’ll probably have some group work after that. After group work it’s time for doing the homework for the next day. When I’m done with that I’ll make myself some food and then I’ll go to fitness. When I get back home from fitness, I can clean the house, relax and do some blogging stuff. That’s my plan for now ;) I’m gonna try this out and if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to change it of course :) I need to experiment with my schedule to figure out what works best for me :D So let’s try this for now! :D I wanna make sure that I work hard for everything but at the same time enjoying it and I allow myself to relax and chill as well.

Some of my motivation/inspiration to keep on going with this new lifestyle challenge ^_^

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