Harbor Cruise

Hello guys
Hamburg is very known for their harbor which I read everywhere on the internet and I totally get why. I think it’s a must when visiting Hamburg. We went on a one hour harbor cruise and it was goooood! We enjoyed it a lot. You get to see a lot of Hamburg when you dont have a lot of days to spend there :P 

 photo IMG_1810_zps8b9bojof.jpg
 photo IMG_1805_zpswnkchnxb.jpg
 photo IMG_1812_zps1g5vwuhq.jpg
 photo IMG_1852_zpss5dw1zaf.jpg
 photo IMG_1881_zpsky6jegyz.jpg
 photo IMG_1884_zpsx1ogw50f.jpg
 photo IMG_1855_zpsvi8oqrpr.jpg
 photo IMG_1910_zpsjvrftqld.jpg
 photo IMG_1784_zpstabhcdoe.jpg

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