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O-m-g. So I just listened to Hailee Steinfeld’s EP and I’m in love! I love the vibe of the songs, the lyrics and her voice in general is just amazing! So the EP contains five songs:
– I Love You’s
– Your Name Hurts
– End This (L.O.V.E)
– Man Up
– Wrong Direction

So I already heard Wrong Direction for some time ago and I loved it! Such an emotional song that goes right into your heart. My favorite from this EP is Your Name Hurts and End This (L.O.V.E)! Love them!

Anyways let’s take it one song at a time now ;)

Your Name Hurts

I love the vibe of this song! It feels simple, honest, raw and in general I’m in love with songs that have this mysterious or gloomy vibe-ish. Camila Cabello for example also had this kinda vibe in one of her songs in her album. The songs aren’t similar at all but I love that vibe their songs have.

Honestly, I don’t regret you
I just wish I never met you
Part of me wants to upset you
Ever single letter’s killing me
Dont know why it always get to me
Every time I hear that sound
Your name hurts
I dont say it no more
It’s like the worst of words
You don’t even know

End This (L.O.V.E)

Again: The vibe of the song: mysterious and I love it! I love this kinda vibe at the moment! And also the creativity of the lyrics! Love love love!

L is for the way you lied to me
O is I’m the only one who sees that
V, so vindictive, so I’ll be vicious
And E-N-D this L-O-V-E

Man Up

This one is kinda cool because it’s different from Hailee Steinfeld I feel like. Or at least I haven’t heard this kind of a song from her and I think it’s cool. It still again has a more dull sad-ish vibes as the others but the whole album is kinda like gloomy and kinda sad ish but I love it :P

Little boy, won’t you man up?
Six knives in my back
Tell me why you would do that?
Man up, man up
Little boy, won’t you man up?

I Love You’s

So this single came out earlier than the EP and I gotta admit it didnt really catch my attention much. I mean the song was ok but it wasn’t one I listened to on repeat or a lot of times in general until now. Today listening to the song I was like this is actually good. I guess this is a song I have to listen to several times to enjoy :P But it’s a good one!

I buy myself flowers and then when they die I’ll be happy that they got me through
Wish I could get back the air in my lungs
I’ve been so fucked up, it’s bad for my heart

No weight on my chest, I’m above it
I’m taking a moment to cut it out
Feel my conscience is calling
Now there’s no fear, no more running
I dont want words that mean nothing

Wrong Direction

This one has been a favorite for a long time! I love how raw, honest, real this song is! It’s a sad but a beautiful song! I did listen to this one on repeat when she first released it! And I gotta say it’s a beautiful song that I will always love! It’s not one I’ll listen to on repeat since it’s so sad xD but I love it! Beautiful one!

I don’t hate you
No I couldn’t if I wanted to
I just hate all the hurt that you put me through
And that I blame myself for letting you
Did you know I already knew?


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