Green Kinda Smoothie

Hello guys!
As you might have noticed I’ve been trying out different smoothies lately and this is one of them! I mixed rucola, banana,  a bag of frozen exotic fruits and then I also added some honey: 

 photo IMG_4632_zpsw6abygfu.jpg
 photo IMG_4621_zps0uev1gue.jpg
 photo IMG_4623_zpsvisypiok.jpg
 photo IMG_4625_zpsqp4wwpa0.jpg
 photo IMG_4627_zpsmmwcf2ol.jpg
 photo IMG_4634_zpsk2tvefzs.jpg
 photo IMG_4635_zps8gwjz0dw.jpg
 photo IMG_4643_zpslaj0ghak.jpg
 photo IMG_4645_zps8lrzwglw.jpg
 photo IMG_4648_zpsjwm8dmkz.jpg

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