Goodmorning guys <3
I thought I would start the day off with some gratitude quotes today. I know the Corona Virus is being a huge part of our lives lately and I just want to spread some positivity and remind myself and you guys that there are still a lot to be grateful for and you know I guess I’m just trying to keep my spirit up. I haven’t really talked about the virus going on and posted anything about it: I’ve actually been posting anything else but about the virus to be honest. It might seem ignorant but that’s honestly not the case. I guess that’s why I’m writing this blogpost. I’m doing my best and my part to not get sick or to not get smitten and then pass it on to someone who cannot handle it. I cant live with myself if I did that, so I’m being careful, staying home as much as I can and trying to make work at home possible. There are days where I need to go to work though due to some circumstances but I’m working on it.
I’ve had a hard time to find out how to relate to the topic and I’ve had a hard time understanding how serious it was earlier when it was all new. I totally understand how serious it is after doing some research, talking with friends and family and all that but I just had to understand how to deal with it as well and I think that’s what I want to share with you guys as well. I’m a worrier, just naturally, and I can be so anxious and expect the worse in life at times so I try to work on not panicking or worrying too much and also worrying and being anxious is only going to weaken my immune system, so that wont be good either. So I tried to make a list of things I’ll do to keep myself protected so I wont harm anyone else (the elderly and in general the exposed ones). And the list is similar to what everyone else is putting out there: washing my hands, social distancing and staying home as much as possible and cancelling all social plans. Other than that I am trying to be healthy, doing yoga and practicing meditation as usual to keep myself calm and not worry too much. I guess what I’m trying to say is worrying and panicking is not going to help so I’m doing my part to stay calm. I also try to not give the whole topic too much power over my everyday life; which means I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to and trying to enjoy life just at home and you know taking care of business and again making sure I wont get the virus and most importantly that I wont pass it on to someone that cannot handle it. Now let me share some gratitude quotes to keep our vibes up in this period of time:

Also I think I’ll try to update the blog and youtube more often and work on these things to keep my mind off of negative thoughts, so you guys might see more updates maybe :) But yeah.. Stay safe guys! Take care <3


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