Got The Key!

Hello guys!! Got some good news :D Got the keys to my very first new apartment today!! :D I’ve been very excited for this BUT the whole “designing the interior and buying furnitures”-part is harder than what I thought -_- I was in IKEA for hours to figure out what I want but it’s so hard to decide. I mean one thing is definitely the economy.. but another thing is my apartment is like 1-room, where the kitchen is open.. and I want to have a little space and not too many furnitures! X_X But I still want it too look cozy and girly and all that -_- it’s hard! I’ll be looking around the next few days and my dad will come and help me pick the furnitures etc. Saturday.. so I’m looking forward to that ^_^! So until then I’ll be working on my blog and exams! :)



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