Goodbye 2014 – I think I’m ready…

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Hello guys! <3 :D

I told you in my previous post that I have a  few New Year posts I wanna share with you guys before ending 2014. Aaaaand… I tried to do a few different posts but I just didn’t feel like posting them. So now I’m gonna try to make a NEW one :P As you might have noticed in my highlight post… 2014 was a pretty good year for me. A lot of things happened, a lot of GOOD things happened and I feel blessed. I haven’t really been ready to close the chapter for last year until now. I kinda think I’m ready now to leave everything behind except for the good memories and to start all over with a New Year. I think I’ve learned pretty much in 2014… the biggest lesson would be… LIFE GOES ON. No mater what happened… LIFE GOES ON! :) This whole 2014 I’ve focused a lot on how to be postive and happy. It turned out pretty well but the responsibility part kinda failed :P I’ve practiced a lot and worked a lot to stay positive and it did pay off but I do wish that I was more responsible last year. I wish I was more responsible money wise. I’m a total spender guys, but I really wanna save money this year :P Another disappointment would be: Not working hard enough on studying. I wish I studied harder last year. The last disappointment would be: Being healthy. I love junk-food. I know… not that attractive but I really really love junk food and just eating out in generel and I guess just food and snack in generel (The love of my life) :P So I didn’t really take care of my health well. I did manage to exercise, but it’s important to make sure that you eat healthy. So those would be the things I wanna change this year: Better economy, study harder, live healthier! Yeah well my top 3 new year resolution would be it!

Now to the “achievement-ish-part”. What did I do and how did I learn to be postive or focus on the positive things in life? I gotta say I’m still working on this. I have my down days too, it’s human nature I guess. We can’t be happy and smiling all the time :P But what did I do and how did I do to come this far at least?

  1.  One thing that definitely made me happy was getting to know new people, hanging with friends and chill with people. It was cozy! Socializing is definitely something that’ll make you happier. You get to know what others are going through. You get to share your own experiences and thoughts on life. And then we all get inspired by each other which I find pretty interesting. But yeah guys… Friends & Family really does make your life AWESOME <3
  2. Music definitely helped me through being positive. Listening to positive music is a key for me to focus on positive stuff. I do love sad music as well, and it kinda helps me react out on life so at the very end the sad music also did help me get through things and be stronger and postive you know :)
  3. Blogging has been a huge part of me working on myself and working on being happy. My blog helps me realize what I have in life. I collect all my moments and things I think is beautiful on mycafe101, and when I look back; it makes me realize how beautiful my life is. We all tend to focus on the negative in life very easily and it feels good to have an open postive diary that shows me all the amazing beautiful part of life.
  4. I read a book named “The Secret” which really helped me through life. It makes you think in a stronger way that makes your life easier. Nothing really changes in your life, it’s just your way of looking at life that changes, which is amazing. It’s definitely a book I would recommend EVERYONE. <3 :D
  5. Nature helped me on being positive and relaxed too. I found an inner peace in the summer because the weather was so good and I enjoyed walking outside which also gave me inner peace. I went to the beach A LOT last summer and it really made me happy and peaceful. I never thought nature could do such thing. ^_^
  6. One of the main thing that kept me on the right track was GRATITUDE! It’s so important to realize and see what you already have in your life. For instance a FAMILY, FRIENDS, STUDY, FOOD. Those would be the most important things that you should be grateful for. Then there is music, shopping, nature, hobbies and a lot more random stuff that makes your life so good. And you should never ever forget those amazing things that give you happiness in your life. The more you are aware of what you already have the more you will get and the more happier you will be (The book “The Secret” taught me this). I remind myself often about what I have, how lucky I am and how good my life is. Of course there are some stuff I wish was different but it doesn’t change what I already have that makes my life good. Whenever I remind me of what I have and show gratitude that’s where I’m most happy and positive and I start appreciate the smallest things that I get in life.

So yeah guys… People(family & friends), music, hobbies like blogging, books/reading, nature and gratitude helped me stay as postive and happy as I could last year and I’m gonna work on myself and work on being happy forever. I believe it’s something you need to work on all the time, since life goes on and life always brings up new challenges so it’s good to have a good state of mind.

I hope you all had a great new year and I wish you all the best of luck in 2015! :D <3 Be happy and postive and work hard for your dreams and goals (I should too :P) <3 Take Care <3 Mwwwaaaah! <3



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