Gellera Vittorio Emanuelle 2

Hello guys! 
I’m waiting for Arthu to finish getting ready so I’m doing some blogging work till then. The day we went to see the cathedral we also got to chill at the shopping mall Gellera Vittorio Emanuelle 2. They have a bunch  luxurious shops such as Versace, Louis Viotton, Dolce & Gabbana etc. and the mall itself is so beautiful. I love hanging there. I’m sorry for the bad quality of photos. I dont know why but when I upload the photos they get grungy :( *sorry*. I’m trying to update the blog frequently while I’m here so I won’t have a bunch of posts to do when I’m back home :P Also I think it’s more interesting for you guys to see the photos and where I am right now instead of me posting after a few weeks :) 

I have some photos of the mall and dinner from the same day: 
 photo IMG_9763_zps0mve9xv5.jpg

 photo IMG_9754_zpsan07nqcj.jpg
 photo IMG_9770_zpslamiy3pi.jpg
 photo IMG_9780_zpslwjaxtxp.jpg
 photo IMG_9783_zpshaltf1fz.jpg
 photo IMG_9788_zpsrygt5ddl.jpg
 photo IMG_9790_zpsqkmseggl.jpg

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