Hello Everyone!! :D <3

I’m so excited for this post guys! :D I’ve got to borrow a camera from a friend so I’ve been experimenting and working on taking photos (like I also mentioned in one of my previous posts!). And now I’m finally ready to share some photos with you guys :D The photos aren’t perfect at all and there are mistakes and things I should remember when I take photos but hey! I have to start somewhere right?! :P And O-M-G I’m in love with Adobe Lightroom!It’s an amazing program to edit your photos! <3 :D

Except for the “photo-experimenting”-part my lifestyle has changed a bit so I got to take a lot of food photos, so now you can see what I’ve been eating (just a little part of my food :P) through February! :D Let me show you and share my thoughts with you :P

FYI: I did not cook this! XD But it tasted amazing! :P Here you go:


This is my very random healthy breakfast ^_^ I wish the whole background was white so it’s kinda fail: IMG_7143-2

Random yogurt: This time the picture is less colorfull:


Omg! I’m in love with these shots! I’m not sure if the pictures are taken good but I like the editing. The contrast between the water and the detox: lemon, orange and cucumber is amazing :D IMG_7188


Eating and watching PLL. Total out of focus: IMG_7195

Focusing only on the water here (fail too :P)


I love the editing and the shot of the water here though: IMG_7197



This one would be my favorite of this “food-shot”, the focus is better than on the other ones :P And yeah it’s Hannah and Emily in the background :P (Go PLL! :P)

I dont like the color contrast on this one… It’s like everything is wrong with this shot: IMG_7206

This one is a little better though, but I’n not 100 % satisfied:


Very random, yet not that satisfying again :P have a look: IMG_7256

These pasta-shots are OK ^_^ here u go:





Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Random :P

SAMSUNG CSCThis is how far I’ve gone with photo experimenting guys :D I’m satisfied but there’s still a lot more to learn. Right now I’m just trying different things but I wanna learn more :D It is interesting and as you might have noticed I haven’t figured out what style I want my photos in. Some are very colorful while others are very mate and colorless but it’s like I like both style. But generally when it comes to food, I prefer the photos being more colorful :P

That’s it for now guys! :D Take Care! <3 :D


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