First Impression Review: Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation

Hello guys!
I bought the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation a few weeks ago and decided to do a first impression of it. Keep in mind that my opinions might change since this is a first impression :)

Unfortunately the shade was about two shades too dark but I decided to edit and upload the video anyways since I feel like I still can share my opinions on the foundation itself. I hope it’s okay with you guys :) I would say IF you can find your shade, it’s quite good BUT be aware about if it’s having the right undertone. There’s just something with the shades I cant really put my finger on it and I tried to watch other reviews where they do mention the same issue I feel like :-/ The foundation itself is good IF the shade and undertone is right I feel like but again remember this is only my first impression.

– Almost full coverage
– Buildable
– Flawless healthy looking skin. I love the final look (if you get the right shade it will look really good)
– Easy to blend
– Packaging is kinda cool

– Too expensive
– Issues with shade range? (Not sure though!) + I picked the wrong shade and the one shade brighter than this shade was too orange for me I felt like. Maybe it oxidizes a lot and that’s the issue maybe? I’m not sure though! Also this shade was very “ashy” with a weird “undertone” especially around my mouth area :(
– I do not really feel like it’s matte. It’s something in between matte and dewy I think. It’s not a bad thing since I personally prefer dewy foundations but just a fact :)

Since I have issues with the shades (I dont think they have my proper shade.. It oxidizes a lot as far as I can tell and has a weird undertone that made me look ashy) and because of the price I would give it 2.5 or 3 out of 5


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