Every Moment Matters

Hello guys!

It has been a long time since I’ve just shared what I’m doing lately and how my life is. So I thought it’s time to just share a random blogpost with pictures from my everyday life. I’ve been sick the last 4-5 days and beside that I’ve been enjoying fall with hot tea, desserts, food, candle lights, series and studying. Let me show you:

Fall Vibes:
 photo Billede 02-10-2017 19.48.22_zpshgou4tj9.jpg
 photo Billede 12-10-2017 20.50.37_zpsnu8wpc8w.jpg
 photo Billede 02-10-2017 12.46.41_zpsijo8t31x.jpg

Random selfie from my parents’s place:
 photo Billede 01-10-2017 12.53.19_zpsw1chxeg6.jpg
 photo Billede 06-10-2017 09.58.16_zps95tgb5cu.jpg
Bareface selfie:
 photo Billede 06-10-2017 14.26.56_zpsjjqycjmq.jpg
Listening to music and studying:
 photo Billede 02-10-2017 22.57.50 1_zpscb0rgsjv.jpg

 photo Billede 10-10-2017 21.45.32_zpso5aqorfk.jpg
Fall makeup look selfie:
 photo Billede 05-10-2017 15.23.50 2_zpsbbxctzmj.jpg
Watching Hart Of Dixie:
 photo Billede 01-10-2017 22.13.17_zpsyuftp4eu.jpg
Omg I loved this series. I’ve been addicted to Hart of Dixie ever since I started watching it and I’m already done with the series! It took me like two weeks to finish it and I loved it. If you looove chill cosy series with nothing huge dramatic things happening then you’ll love this series! It kinda has the same vibe as “Gilmore Girls” I feel like ^_^
 photo Billede 11-10-2017 09.54.19 1_zpsqrn6z7ub.jpg
Some more studying:
 photo Billede 02-10-2017 21.38.51_zpsbipelbvw.jpg
Traditional look:
 photo Billede 08-10-2017 15.31.52_zpssjq9lwkl.jpg
Wearing Colours By Julia:
 photo Billede 02-10-2017 13.23.44_zpswvufr81n.jpg
Planning this month:
 photo Billede 12-10-2017 21.06.57_zpsbiw3cuww.jpg
Apple pie:
 photo Billede 05-10-2017 23.59.34 1_zpsgzsnclii.jpg
So I did tell you guys that being in the kitchen and cooking or baking is not my favorite thing to do BUT lately I’ve been enjoying it and the other day I decided to make an apple pie and it actually turned out pretty well. I mean it was “eat-able” and also it was so easy than what I expected :P So I think I’ll work a little bit more on my “cooking/baking skills” that I don’t have :P 
Anyways.. this is pretty much life at the moment. I’m going to uni and I’m going to work and then I just spend my time with blogging, youtubing and just enjoying fall. That’s it for today guys.
I hope you’re all good and take Care <3 

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