December Diary – Dancing Queen – Goodiebox

Hello guys! 
Today I have a goodiebox to share with you guys. So I haven’t tried out the products to tell you guys if all of it is good or not but I will make a review of the products as soon as I’ve tried them ;) 
I’ve been studying today and I didn’t get to take a lot of photos beside the same photos of my desk, my tea and my breakfast so I thought I will just share the latest goodiebox I got in today’s post instead: 

 photo IMG_6208_zpsq8evuypw.jpg
 photo IMG_6217_zpsvzjrj5bi.jpg
 photo IMG_6213_zpsnmlvduf3.jpg
 photo IMG_6211_zpstyunjreo.jpg
 photo IMG_6216_zps7q6jx4o6.jpg
 photo IMG_6214_zps4vlekx8i.jpg
 photo IMG_6218_zpseqhczdca.jpg

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