Castle Sant’ Angelo

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I’m ready with another new post about Rome. We went to Castle Sant’ Angelo which originally were a Mausoleum, then later a fortress and a castle and today it is a museum. The museum was great but I think I mostly enjoyed the view from there. It was really beautiful :)

 photo IMG_0047_zpsck2zdbqj.jpg
 photo IMG_0048_zps2yrlvne3.jpg
 photo IMG_0053_zps3y4zlgnp.jpg
 photo IMG_0059_zpssxugpza0.jpg
 photo IMG_0063_zpsjlucwhwi.jpg
 photo IMG_0077_zpsp2vb2rmv.jpg
 photo IMG_0079_zpstaoweyuf.jpg
 photo IMG_0082_zpsnipztber.jpg
 photo IMG_0083_zpsyxgtyh5z.jpg
 photo IMG_0086_zpsuwmt3gxt.jpg
 photo IMG_0088_zpsn3g6hygb.jpg
 photo IMG_0093_zpsi1wp7l10.jpg
 photo IMG_0107_zpsaqvrz9v4.jpg
 photo IMG_0111_zpsamngewjb.jpg
 photo IMG_0118_zpso6jr0nig.jpg
 photo IMG_0124_zps4oonntxn.jpg
 photo IMG_0134_zpspo4iwoq8.jpg

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