Caffé & CitySightSeeing Roma

Hello guys!

Since my dad can’t walk much because of a “leg injury” we decided to buy a citysightseeing tourbus ticket. This is some shots from the first day on the tourbus and just experiencing the city in general. We started the day of at a café named Caffé and then we took the tourbus to the Vatican City which I’ll share more of in another post :)

 photo IMG_8877_zpsazq5vvjx.jpg
 photo IMG_8873_zps5wqb2zrg.jpg
 photo IMG_8872_zpsptzgsv6g.jpg
 photo IMG_8871_zps4yj4xlgi.jpg
 photo IMG_8880_zpsvjwytsjh.jpg
 photo IMG_8882_zpspdjsjdts.jpg
 photo IMG_8885_zpsalxytl6m.jpg
 photo IMG_8898_zps7oo2qcgd.jpg
 photo IMG_8914_zpsvbn4qbcj.jpg
 photo IMG_8917_zpsfatctz4z.jpg
 photo IMG_9130_zps9rx8qumw.jpg
 photo IMG_9131_zpsjwqnrok6.jpg

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