Berlin Part 2 – Flea Market

Hello guys! 
We went to a flea market in Berlin and it was so cosy! Omg the food was good and I have to say thanks to Nisanth for capturing this very moment: 

This photo represents me and my life very well *heh, not proud*
It was so cosy to just walk around with friends and chill and watch performances and eat a lot of good food! But yeah, let’s just get to the pictures, I think they describe the day better than I do:

 photo IMG_1040_zps3uoipugo.jpg
 photo IMG_1065_zpsqm1xtfz6.jpg
 photo IMG_1037_zps9knzujpk.jpg
 photo IMG_1024_zpsspjbr6or.jpg
When Nisanth is posing for the camera (I couldn’t choose so here we go) xD 

 photo IMG_1022_zpsea2oafnc.jpg
 photo IMG_1021_zpstbgg0zft.jpg
 photo IMG_1020_zpslyghx8ux.jpg
 photo IMG_1019_zpsdn0h317r.jpg
 photo IMG_1018_zpsfaogynas.jpg
 photo IMG_1011_zpsdl9yzt0w.jpg
 photo IMG_1014_zpsffux5tds.jpg
 photo IMG_1069_zpsxgigzyod.jpg


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