Berlin Part 1 – A Chill Day In Berlin

Hello guys! 
I’ve been so busy with summer school, another trip to Germany with my family, sister’s birthday etc. so I haven’t been able to update the blog *so sorry*. But I’m back! I just got home from Germany yesterday and uni is starting this week. I’m so exhausted that I could need one more week actually -.-‘ At the same time I am looking forward for this new semester since the courses sounds interesting this semester! 
Anyways I wanna share some moments from our Berlin Trip and this is only part 1. We have a lot more to come! <3 I’m sorry for the bad quality. I dont know why but whenever I upload the pictures to the blog, they get a little “grungy” :(
I hope you’re all doing good and had an amazing summer holiday! Now to the pictures ;)

 photo IMG_0846_zpssxhkgpab.jpg
 photo IMG_0828_zpsauqmlzss.jpg
 photo IMG_0847_zpsoerebuss.jpg
 photo IMG_0857_zpsjvluz0vp.jpg
 photo IMG_0858_zps7ekz7nd2.jpg
 photo IMG_0863_zpsmyzfacpe.jpg
 photo IMG_0884_zpsggqeaixd.jpg
 photo IMG_0886_zpsodfyfdd4.jpg
 photo IMG_0889_zpsk3qdfiqn.jpg
 photo IMG_0896_zpsedrmhhss.jpg
 photo IMG_0934_zpsx84txvn9.jpg
 photo IMG_0949_zpsmzbsmoep.jpg
 photo IMG_0951_zpsgziytmhi.jpg
 photo IMG_0955_zpsuv5x4xqg.jpg
 photo IMG_0956_zpsball5vri.jpg
 photo IMG_0958_zpsudcoluy3.jpg
 photo IMG_0961_zpsolu09ylh.jpg

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