Beauty Review: Current 5 Mac Products

Hello guys!

It has been so long since I’ve posted something beauty related and I tell you guys there are a few posts on the way because I just edited a lot of beauty related pictures recently! I’ve always loved MAC products and my first foundation that did work for me was a MAC foundation. But then I wanted to try other different brands to find what else works for me and somehow after about 5 years I’ve realized MAC never really disappoints me. I really do enjoy wearing MAC products. Here are my current 5 MAC products I’m using beside my MAC foundations and I wanted to make review of all 5:

MAC Prep+Prime Skin: This is my current primer and I have some mixed feelings about this one to be honest. This primer is good and gives a good base to work with. I dont like that it has glitter in it though, cause I’ve noticed that my face has glitter-ish look after applying it and I’m not really a big fan of that part.  The makeup does stay longer which is the most important thing! It’s good but I think I’ve tried better ones than this one though so I dont think it’s something I would repurchase.

MAC Conceal and Correct Duo: This one has been so far the best color corrector I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried a few and I like this one the most. I only use the color corrector “peach”-part. I’ve never used the other side because I dont really think it suits my skintone to conceal. But the peach-color-corrector part is amazing! Love it! I use it around my mouth area and it never fails to impress!

MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter: This color corrector/highlighter/concealer is amazing. I know it only says highlighter but you can use it for multiple things or that’s what I do. The other color corrector I mentioned before I mostly use around my mouth area. This highlighter I use underneath my eyes and it is amazing. It highlights and color correct my under eyes beautifully. It is so good and I’ve been using this product for about 3 or 4 years now and I love it! They say you can just apply this under your eyes and let it sit for a while and then just use this as highlighter for your eyes but I do apply concealer over this highlighter and it is so good!

MAC concealer: This is the latest concealer I’ve bought and I love it! I bought it in almost my skintone (a little brighter maybe) so I can use it to highlight and I can also use it to conceal spots as well. I love that it feels light-weighted but it covers a lot and it covers beautifully. It’s easy to blend as well which is so important. It’s not a special concealer compared to all other concealers I’ve used but it is one of the good ones and I would probably buy this one again! Love it!

MAC contour stick: This is actually a concealer that I use as a contour stick. I asked them for a contour stick and this is what I got and I love it! If you like heavy contoring this one is amazing. I usually aren’t that comfortable with creme contoring but this one I’ve been enjoying wearing. It’s like the more I try it the more I love this product! You can do both: really heavy contoring but also not that heavy contoring if you like. Both works good with this one. It’s very easy to blend and you really dont need much to get your contouring with this stick. I love it!


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