Ain’t Nobody Love

Lately I have been listening to Tori Kelly a lot and I have been quite addicted to her new song “Nobody Love”.  Love her songs and her voice is incredible! :D Since I’m chilling with Tori Kelly music on a Tuesday I thought I would share it with you guys :) Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Dear No One:

I don’t really like big crowds
I tend to shut people out
I like my space, yeah
But I’d love to have a soul mate
God will give him to me someday

Nobody Love:

Everybody’s looking for that something
No one ever wants to pay the price
Everyone is scared of going nowhere
But we ain’t going anywhere tonight

Paper Hearts:

Pictures I’m living through for now
Trying to remember all the good times
Our life was cutting through so loud
Memories are playing in my dull mind
I hate this part paper hearts

 Suit & Tie Cover:


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