A walk on the Beach is worth a Thousand Words

Hello guys!
One of the best moments at the Hamburg trip was to just walk by the beach and talk, chill, enjoying the moment, being in the moment and appreciating the nature. That was definitely one of the best moments of the trip. So we were living outside of Hamburg at a place called Sierksdorf. Beside where we lived there was this beautiful beach and I loved to just go there and look at the ocean and listen to the sound of the ocean. It was beautiful and peaceful. It made my feel like nothing else really matters beside this very moment: 
 photo IMG_2246_zpsma8hn0qk.jpg
 photo IMG_2238_zpsdtfooaur.jpg
 photo IMG_2252_zpsdpxzwvqc.jpg
 photo IMG_2262_zps0jmrbd3d.jpg
 photo IMG_2265_zpsb8mzn4wm.jpg
 photo IMG_2274_zpszhu3lvc4.jpg
 photo IMG_2275_zps2gnznmtn.jpg
 photo IMG_2278_zpscb1wxcxe.jpg
 photo IMG_2288_zpscdsofkh3.jpg
 photo IMG_2317_zpssavjn5lr.jpg
 photo IMG_2320_zpst83fhiaf.jpg
 photo IMG_2353_zpshyxztocf.jpg

 photo IMG_2232_zps58rbsifb.jpg
 photo IMG_2198_zps1jgg17uu.jpg
 photo IMG_2205_zpsjw2jqe8f.jpg

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