A Day In My Life In Pictures – Hello Friday

Hello guys!
As there is not much happening lately since I’m studying most of the time and the deadline is nearing, I thought I would make “a day in my life” kinda posts with no fancy photos xD I tried to take photos during the day of what I’ve been up to and I thought I would share my day with you guys. I kinda forgot to take photos of my food beside my breakfast, but there was nothing fancy: pasta, salad and chicken for lunch and just two toasts for dinner actually. I’ve eaten out so much that I actually don’t enjoy it that much as I used to so now I just prefer something easy, fast and simple as salad, pasta, toast and smoothies! xD

  1. I started my day off with hot water and lemon.
  2. Then I just followed my usual morning routine that I’ve also written in my bullet journal. So after drinking my water with lemon, I meditated for about 9 minutes today.
  3. As for the next step in my morning routine I did some journaling. I first wrote in my Five-Minute Journal and then I have another journal where I just write whatever I’m feeling that day.
  4. My current reading is “The power”. This is the second time I’m reading it. I started it once long time ago but I never finished it so I started all over. And I love the book way more this time than last time. I usually say I prefer the book “The Secret” more than “The Power” but now I get them both and feel like both are equally good!
  5. I then already started doing some planning and studying a little. I was doing some brainstorm on what I want to improve on my prototypes for my thesis.
  6. Yup.. Smoothie bowl in the making.
  7. Another Smoothie bowl in the making shot: I mixed frozen berries, fresh spinach, bananas, soya milk, oats, a little bit of cinnamon and honey for today’s smoothie. I’m trying to experiment a little.
  8. The final result of the smoothie bowl. I tell you guys, this one was really delicious. I loved it!
  9. Back to studying (prototyping and working on thesis). I studied from about 9-10 to 19 today and decided to take the rest of the day off since I felt really productive today and was exhausted later.
  10. In my breaks today I decided to watch some TED Talks while scrolling through Instagram on the computer.
  11. Tea Time <3
  12. Another Ted Talk while editing photos for some blogposts.
  13. At last: I’ve been wanting to see a Bollywood movie for some time now and I finally got to see one today. I actually JUST finished watching the movie. I decided to watch Jalebi cause the songs from the movie are so beautiful. I kinda liked the movie. A little too sad and depressing for my taste I think… And I prefer watching funny or positive movies especially during “exam-period” or “thesis deadline stress”-period XD But it was a good movie though. :)

Anyways… That was my day today! I actually feel good writing this random post cause I get to reflect on my day and it is also motivating for me to be more productive. I might do these kinda posts more often :)

Take Care <3


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