5 reasons I love going to my parents’


Hello guys!

I just got back to my parents’ place yesterday night and I thought I would share a list of reasons I love to stay here <3 ^_^

1. The best thing about home except for spending time with my parents is: THE FOOD. Mom’s food <3

2. The older I get the more I appreciate spending time with mom and dad. I love just chilling with them and having a chat.

3. I don’t need to think about buying things for the home, cause mom got it all figured out. As a bonus I’m saving so much time being here, cause I just have to be presence, and that I can do for sure :P

4. Less lonely; Don’t get me wrong, I love living alone and having my own space. But it can be lonely at times for everyone. So it feels good to have mom and dad around and it feels less lonely.

5. I feel like a kid again chilling at home! And I love my room back here; It’s nothing fancy I just love our home and my room :D I love my own place as well but it can be stressful cause I always have to think about what I have to do next study-wise and work-wise while here I tend to relax a bit more :)


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