10 things to add to your Morning Routine

Hello guys!
Today I thought I would share my essential morning routine that I try to live up to every morning. There are some mornings where I have more time to do all the things I want to and other mornings where I choose to sleep a little extra and then I re-adjust my morning routine. But mostly I do try to do these 10 steps in my morning routine. There are two things that are very optional at the moment: yoga and reading 10 pages (I’m working on those two still but I dont get to do this often in my morning routines atm)

  1. Starting the day with hot water and lemon
  2. Writing 3 things I’m grateful for
  3. Meditation for 10 minutes
  4. Journaling my morning thought
  5. Read 10 pages (This doesn’t happen everyday. I’m still working on it)
  6. Yoga (optional, and happens mostly in the weekends and if I have days off. I don’t do this everyday)
  7. Bath
  8. Getting Ready (I’ve already found my outfit the night before and packed my bag the night before)
  9. Breakfast (Sometimes my sister has made overnight oatmeal, other times I make oatmeal in the mornings or I eat cornflakes or whatever we have at home) and I’ll always have a cup of green tea in the morning
  10. I’ll write down 3 goals for today that I want to achieve and then I’ll do some planning and todos for the day before going to work

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