10 Random Facts : Get To Know Me

I was talking with my sister about the blog and what is missing on the blog and I realized I haven’t shared much about who I am. So whenever I can and I feel for it I wanna do some “Fact-posts” so you guys can know me a little bit more in a totally random way ;) Well… Let’s get started! :D

10 Random Facts:

  1. I got swimming lessons when I was younger and I hated it -_-
  2. I’ve never been a TV-type… I don’t watch much TV at all
  3. One of the best thing ever happened in my life is getting my own apartment xD *You know the independent lifestyle*
  4. I love soccer and handball! (To play it not to watch it!) :P
  5. I wanted to be a writer when I was younger but ended up with choosing Software Engineering instead :D
  6. I’ve been addicted to my computer since I was almost 7 O_o
  7. I’m scared of dogs and all kinds of animals.. and insects too ^_^” hihi
  8. My biggest struggle at the moment is I can’t stay true to any diets I make xD I suck at being healthy. Uhgr! -_-‘
  9. I hate silence so I make sure that there is music or some videos playing around me all the time  ^_^”
  10. I love to eat & I hate to cook -_- But I really hope it’ll change very soon!!

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed the random facts! :D There will probably be more of these kind of posts from now on ;) <3

Take Care! <3


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