You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down #JanuaryMoodBoard

Hello guys!
It’s a new year, new month and I thought I would try to share moodboards with you guys every month and share some of my thought and goals every month. I have pretty much the same goals every day, week, month and year: do my best, stay healthy (I try) and be kind to myself and others. Pretty much.
But I do get more motivated with pictures and just more visual stuff than only text so I thought I would try to do moodboards every month to motivate myself and also to hope to inspire and motivate you guys to do your best and work for your dreams and goals:

My goals for January

Healthy Lifestyle

As for being healthy as I’ve told you I don’t like to be too strict but this year I really want to take it more seriously. I dont think I’ve ever taken it serious enough to be healthy so this year that’s gonna change. As for a goal in January I really want to join fitness again. I’ve been working out and doing Yoga at home but I feel like it’s time to try fitness again. Beside that I’ll try to workout 3 times a week. Beside working out I’m going to try to eat healthier. This means that when I eat out I will try to choose healthier than usual and I also want to try to cook more at home. And in general eat more fruits and veggies.

Save Money

This month and in general I’ll try to see if I can save money and be careful with my spendings. This doesn’t mean that I’m not going out to eat or anything. I’m still going to do those kinda things but I’ll be more aware of my spendings.

“Work Hard”

This month I want to work hard for my job, my personal programming projects, my blog and youtube. With that said I’m not going to be too harsh on myself and go down with stress. My first priority in general is my physical and mental health so I’m not going to work so hard that it affects me mentally or physically but I want to be more goal oriented and improve my skills in my fields and I want to spend time on that to improve myself!

“More Natural”

I’ve decided to straighten my hair less and go more out with my nautral curly hair. I almost never did that in 2019. I’ve been feeling more comfortable with straighten hair than curly but that’s gonna change this year! So I’m starting January off with no heat on my hair :P Beside that also I want to wear less makeup. I’m still going to wear makeup cause I love it and enjoy it but I dont want to apply a full face of makeup with the whole foundation, powder, baking, contour, concealer, color corrector, eyeliner, mascara, brows, lips you know the list could go on. At the moment my makeup is: concealer, powder, contouring, setting spray and sometimes I’ll add mascara and eyeliner if I feel like it.


I want to be more positive than ever from now on! I want to embrace everything I have. I want to just feel peace and happiness in the smallest things. I’m blessed with this beautiful life and I dont want to take it for granted. Life is really beautiful and I want to embrace life <3


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