Why you need a Bullet Journal

Hello guys!
I’ve been doing Bullet Journaling for a few years now and I thought I would share the things I love the most about Bullet Journaling and why you guys should give it a chance too.

Amazing life tracker

One of my personal favorite thing about bulletjournaling is the habit trackers! I try to track all the things that are important to me in my everyday routine. This means the followings:
– Meditation
– Sleep
– Programming/coding
– Blog/YouTube Work
– Not spending money
– Workout
– Reading
– Mood
These are my main things that I try to track and I personally feel motivated and inspired to do better when I track how much effort I make to practice the things I want to in my life! It doesn’t take a long time and it just gives you a better overview of your habits and also how you are feeling at the same time. I love it!

Customized Overview of your life

I know that you can buy a calender and then write in that and plan and get an overview but I do love how creative you can be and also you can plan your months, weeks and days differently every time. I love to change things up a bit and I do get tired of a regular planner cause it’s the same on every page. In my Bullet Journal I decide myself how to plan my days, weeks and months every time and I love that. Also I can decide myself how detailed or not-detailed I want to be which varies from time to time!

If you love to do lists and planners you’ll love it!

I’ve always loved planning and making lists of things I have to do and just random lists of whatever I just felt like. And I tell you if you are that kinda person like me then you’ll love this. I make random lists in my Bullet Journal of movies, series, books, music, bucketlists, quotes, gratitude list.. the list can go on. I feel like it’s a motivation factor that is really essential to keep myself inspired!


At last but not least: Goal Setting! I definetly think Bullet Journal is perfect for goal setting. A lot of the goals I’ve written down I’ve actually managed to accomplish and I’ve been enjoying the process and result as well! It’s perfect to write down your goals and to plan your goals too!

I guess that’s it guys! Those are the main reasons I love bullet journaling. Also you dont need to be all creative and fancy with it. I mean you can if you want to and feel for it but it’s not a must. You can keep it simple and minimalistic as well! There are no rules!


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