When In Rome…

Hello guys!

I’m FINALLY done with sharing the Rome photos! I have a bunch of more photos but I’ll spare you those and stop here. I have posted A LOT already :P I am going to share my thoughts later one time where I’ll sum up what I feel like is a must to see and what’s not and kinda make a guide to Rome from what I’ve experienced but this is it for now! :)

Rome was amazing. Spending time with family was really good after the longest time. We are always busy; mom and dad have work, my sister and I have studies and also I have work and I’ve also prioritized blogging a lot too so it was really good to put everything aside and just spend time with each other. I loved Rome. I would love to go there again. It’s such a beautiful and colorful city! I have some more random shots for you guys today that I want to share. About half of the photos are food photos because I love eating out and I love taking photos of what I’m eating :P hehe. Enjoy:

 photo IMG_9665_zpssryta39r.jpg

 photo IMG_9668_zpsl6r5ibph.jpg


 photo IMG_9663_zpsxm9gxdm0.jpg

 photo IMG_9760_zpshxagqj3h.jpg

 photo IMG_9755_zpslzajzd5n.jpg

 photo IMG_9671_zpsbbxo1kja.jpg




 photo IMG_9604_zpss4rp9oic.jpg

 photo IMG_9595_zpsfkhlkkzs.jpg

 photo IMG_9565_zpsegx7fxto.jpg

 photo IMG_9309_zpsgtnmzzja.jpg

 photo IMG_9442_zpsqi345ojc.jpg
 photo IMG_9315_zpsumv6kmzi.jpg
 photo IMG_9311_zpss1rylojw.jpg

 photo IMG_9307_zps4vde3cko.jpg
 photo IMG_9305_zps5z9lqs7w.jpg


 photo IMG_9781_zpsp543wdrt.jpg

 photo IMG_9703_zpsemthdzvd.jpg
 photo IMG_9697_zps2xflhnjg.jpg

 photo IMG_9806_zps5tuut9ub.jpg

 photo IMG_9800_zpsarpicy8l.jpg



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