Trust the magic of new beginnings

Hello guys!
It’s time for a quick lifeupdate. For about a month ago my sister and I moved to a new apartment. We haven’t really settled down 100 % yet. There is still a lot of work to do but we are so happy for our new place. It’s bigger, we have our own rooms now, and there is just a lot more space which we really needed. My favorite part of the apartment is the view from the apartment: It’s so beautiful and I could just look at the skies all day.
Beside that we are both really happy to have our own rooms and space :P Since the apartment is not really done at all I just took a few pictures but there’s still a lot of work to do. But we are taking our time without rushing too much ^^ It feels good to finally have a proper residence. I felt like I haven’t really settled down in Copenhagen because of the whole living situation and things just went really fast after finishing my masters degree.. and it wasn’t even the plan to live in Copenhagen at first actually. I thought I would be living in Odense the rest of my life kinda :P But things have changed and I’m really happy about where I am in life. I feel blessed. I can’t believe I’ve already been working and living in Copenhagen for all most a year now. It’s crazy how fast time has passed by… <3


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