Traditional Look + BloggingWorkUpdate

Hello Guys! ^_^

It’s time for a traditional look. Mom got me this beautiful gold “salwar” that I really love. I love the color combination. It’s actually one of my fave color combination when it comes to traditional outfits! ^_^

In the previous “life lately” post I showed you some new makeup products I got to buy. I’ve used the Maybelline foundation, concealer and also the new mascara from LOREAL. In these pictures the foundation doesn’t look that bad but I think it’s because of the “sun” shinning straight into my face -.- I wanted to make a review of the foundation and concealer but I ended up buying them in a shade that is too light for my skintone -.- So what I do now is that I mix the foundation with my MAC that is a little shade too dark (but it will suit very well for the summer though) -.-‘ Well.. the point is; I dont think I’m going to do a review of a foundation that doesn’t suit my skintone because of my own mistake of choosing the wrong shade :-P I actually don’t think there are any darker shades at the store here in Denmark. I really want to try out some drugstore foundations, but they all seem to be too bright for my skintone -.- Maybe I should just stick with my MAC. ^^’ Anyways that was just a quick “blogging-update” ;) Let’s get to the outfit:

 photo IMG_2681_zpsgxgv0mrf.jpg
 photo IMG_2698_zpskfrsxjma.jpg
 photo IMG_2680_zpsw33fhvd4.jpg
 photo IMG_2702_zpsd7th9brs.jpg
 photo IMG_2705_zpslrewipyz.jpg
 photo IMG_2736_zpsdmy3a7r6.jpg
 photo IMG_2737_zpsv06ane66.jpg



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