Shorter Hair!

Hello guys! 
This actually happened a few weeks ago or so but I didn’t get to update about it on the blog so here we go! I cut my hair a little shorter than what I used to! I used to be so comfortable with cutting my hair short but this time even though it wasn’t a lot, I wasn’t comfortable. I don’t know why -.-‘
Do I like it? Mhm.. When it’s straighten it’s ok, it’s like the usual hair actually, just shorter. Some of you might think it’s not short at all, but compared to what I had then it is. Also if I don’t straighten it, it’s really short :P 
My natural hair is curly/wavy or something like that; I haven’t figured out exactly what it is :P But I’m so bad at styling my natural hair so I always end up straightening. The reason I cut my hair was because my hair was very damaged and it didn’t look good so I felt like I had to, since I want my hair to look healthy. I’m a little worried that my hair is getting damaged because of all the straightening so I am working on figuring out how to work my natural hair now. I will show you guys a “before and after straitening my hair”-post another time! :) This is what I got for you for now: 
 photo IMG_5061_zpsxcfh7sn7.jpg
 photo IMG_5062_zpstz0b9pbc.jpg
 photo IMG_5056_zpsu6zxxs86.jpg
 photo IMG_5070_zpsfexwbgo3.jpg

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