Roman Forum

Hello guys! 
Let’s go with another post from Rome ;)
When we went to Colosseum we also went to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. I’ve separated all three attractions when posting since I don’t want to post too much photos on each post, which I kinda already do but it’s shouldn’t be more than what I already do :P 
The Roman Forum is surrounded by ruins and also some government buildings. It is so far away from what we see in Denmark so it was quite an experience. I do wish I knew more about the history than what I already know (which is not much) but it didn’t make the experience less exciting though. I do believe that you will understand the attractions in Rome much better if you already have made some research on their history *lesson learned* >_<* I really do wish I knew more but again it was still an amazing experience. I would love to go there again with doing my research properly! My parents were excited too to see how everything once where and you also get to taste a little bit of how people were leaving back then which is crazy. The most amazing thing about seeing Rome in general and the attractions were the architecture, art and details. We were all amazed by the work people have put into everything back then. Today, it’s so trendy to be minimalistic and it’s not that I don’t like minimalistic style but this was just so different and beautiful. Loved it. 
 photo IMG_8613_zpsjtw3znqr.jpg
 photo IMG_8621_zpsec21dkmp.jpg
 photo IMG_8636_zps7sspwwgs.jpg
 photo IMG_8641_zpswyezvwcl.jpg
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 photo IMG_8663_zpsntg0vazz.jpg
 photo IMG_8672_zpsdlzr0yy5.jpg
 photo IMG_8673_zpshbro4jue.jpg
 photo IMG_8675_zpst0ykeifl.jpg
 photo IMG_8678_zpsrhmtus3q.jpg
 photo IMG_8680_zpscc56qpuy.jpg
 photo IMG_8683_zps7ff5cdk9.jpg
 photo IMG_8684_zpsehirpv37.jpg
 photo IMG_8697_zpsx1nsvv5x.jpg
 photo IMG_8703_zpsqmpmdc6t.jpg
 photo IMG_8720_zpsnzmoo8ys.jpg
 photo IMG_8729_zpsjupz7ga7.jpg
 photo IMG_8745_zps7tn4swom.jpg

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