Goodbye July…Hello August

Hello guys! <3 
Hope you’re all good. It’s already August and there’s one month for uni to start again. I dont really have vacation any longer. My work started about two weeks ago, so I’ve been back and forth to my own place and my parents’ place. 
I still have a lot of posts ready for you guys, but I’m trying my best to keep it “slow” so I dont update very single day but it’s hard not to update since I really wanna finish off all the holiday posts :-P I just finished posting about Botswana. I still have a post from our Copenhagen trip, Silkeborg trip, and also we went to Legoland and to Århus this weekend, so I do have those posts for you guys too. I still need to finish some editing and see if the photos are okay. 
Lately beside enjoying the summer holiday and relaxing: I have been focusing a lot on my lifestyle, my health, and routines. I do have another post ready for you guys about lifestyle and food, but today it’s more about motivation. I always need different of ways to motivate myself to keep on going with work and everything else in life. And I often start off with cleaning my apartment, re-decorating (still not finished though), re-aranging my apartment. After that has been done I’m ready for the next step: Workout! Yeah I’ve been working out a lot, cause I really needed it and it feels so good! Another way I motivate myself and focus on a better lifestyle is by writing in my journal and reading books! That’s just the best meditation ever. We are all different and different things works for us; for me it has been journaling, writing and reading motivational books. It just takes me to a much more peaceful place <3 So that has mostly been my July: Half of the time I’ve been to work and also been working on myself and my lifestyle and the other half of the time I’ve spend a lot of time with my family and got to see more of Denmark as well. I’m looking forward for August. I hope it will be amazing! <3 Let me show you some pictures:

 photo SAM_2659_zpsqxy8mfqd.jpg
 photo SAM_3638_zpsbfgen8gm.jpg
 photo SAM_3643_zps8fvtgalh.jpg
 photo SAM_4363_zpsruzkgk42.jpg
 photo SAM_4369_zpsgtfbiyku.jpg
 photo SAM_4374_zpsa3q0e5b6.jpg
 photo SAM_4375_zpsviwi9spz.jpg
 photo SAM_4378_zpsjwmjv3bj.jpg
 photo SAM_4382_zpsj49mcvfn.jpg
 photo SAM_4386_zpsg1term1k.jpg
 photo SAM_4384_zpsnl7wrmy8.jpg

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