Polterabend Prep + The day after Polterabend

Hi guys!
So I’m trying to catch up with blogposts again. I did take some time apart as I’ve mentioned earlier and now I have a bunch of posts that I want to share with you guys :P
Today’s post is just some nice chill moments from preparing Abby’s Polterabend. The day before, Thurka and I went to Venu’s place to prepare and then also the day after the Polterabend where I got to chill with Abby and Venu, where we went out for some lunch. Also I thought I would share what kind of party sets we used for the decoration since we got asked a few times what we bought and from where. So the decoration is from luxit.dk where we bought a party game set, bride to be set and then the bride-to-be banner:


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